Friday, August 22, 2008

Runned over

Was tired these few days and I feel like as though I've been drained of energy. Just flowing out endlessly through me. Skipped art class today cuz cousin came over from Bukit Jelutong, but managed to move it to the next day. School is reopening soon!!! Went 1u again with family to look for stuff. I love the new shoes in sketchers, RM269. If anyone has excess cash, do contact me immediately. Being really random lately because I am still not getting over my disappointment. Really, all of them could not come and that really really sucked!!!!! Ohh well, can't do much bout it can I. . =]
I can't do anymore even if I tried. And sometimes I wonder was I ever a part of anything that mattered??? Did they ever thought about how I felt and was that the best that they could offer to comfort me??? Yes, I'm angry for something so unreasonable, but think about it. They know me and for who I am, is it so wrong to just wish for something more??? for at least something small than just empty promises?? . It's not wrong to want something more. Was it too much to ask? Yes, sure I said something to prevent from further expenditure, but could I still have something elseI'll end. I'm sorry. I'm sarting to wonder is all this a trick?? and somehoe place words that won't harm me too much?? But either way, its still hurting me like shit. So If you realise this..stop pretending. Let this linger within you so you could question yourself if you had did the right thing and not cause any further damage to what has already been destroyed. Think... if you had did all you could to help and prevent further feelings being demolished.

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