Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The cherished gift

Eunice's birthday. lets see where to start. Had girly sessions which consists of lots of shopping for outfits and chatting and eating and walking. Ohh..and make up-ing. =] ... Was in yishion laughing like idiots and the workers there were like staring at us. We were swaying as though we were drunk but we sure were having tons of fun. Ohhh... in the end we bought like lots of clothes from yishion excluding me and wen cuz we bought short pants at the market that morning. Ai Ni had a scar we didn't know about that look like a dragon with a butterfly wing on one side. I'm serious.lols. I swear she has the whitest palest pair of legs I have ever seen. Then, we went to padini and bought a top for meng pei and me. =] After that, we rushed to the toilet and did make up, well not really make up excluding the eye shadow and mascara and bla bla bla...just foundation. Bought Eunice's present and then went to the Opal Condo thingi.
Ai Ni's mum took us there and we were laughing our butts off because we kept going round and round.
Gave Eunice her presents and saw Lai Yee and Zi Chuen. Slowly the crowd starts to pour in and we watched a slide show of her journey through life thingi and ate.. ohh..btw, lee chong wei lost...sob sob. no more gold medal. Mum said he played badly and didnt put up a fight. It seems he was content with a silver.
Anyways, Eunice knew something was up and shortly after her blowing out the candles... we dragged her into the pool. then all of us got pushed in. Well.. fine not all, but some. Still haven't get Lai Yee for pushing me in. Ohhh.. I accidentely wet Wen's phone. It seems the whole thing went in the water.. lol. So that about sums up Eunice's birthday. =]
Happy Birthday sweetheart!!!!
will post up the picture when I get them

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