Friday, August 15, 2008

In hysterics within these walls

and here i am pen down again
with broken tears and bleeding hand
never knowing what else to do
time is sought, there's none to pursue

these yellow parchment with black ink
and on them were words that sing
their soft voices patter in the wind
a banished curse, now a sin

one is lost and one is found
can you hear that silent sound
creepily pacing the earth like a hound
time stops so here i'm bound

Exams are finally over and you should see the way students sit for exam. wow. Yea thats it, wowMaybe if you get me then you'll understand. . haha. we really should call this exam "try-to-refer-for-answers-but-don't-let-teacher-see monthly assesment test" haha. Maybe that name suits it more. Nothing much interesting occured lately besides Eunice's birthday bash this sunday and my Post Birthday Party Sleepover. =] Can't wait. So, thats about it.

I will try to not posting anymore emo post but not posting them is outrageous, I mean we should express ourselves freely right?? But maybe sometimes, I realised that I only right when I'm forlorn, and in a distress mood. But thats how I am. I'm done. And no matter how many times I say this...... I never fullfill it. But now I try.

Happy Birthday to Yeow Lai Yee and Liu Ming Yao and the soon to be birthday girl, Eunice!!!

Its pretty much to deal with lately eventhough you think I'm just the everyday happy laughing girl. Deep down in whats buried inside are all the hurt and pain you can never feel. But here I try to hide everything, everything that could even lead to questionin. I'm so tired trying to hide everything everyday eventhough it may seem like an easy job to do. I swear I'd do anything to try and find something to get this pain off me. How could anyone bear this. I alone, immensed in my own thoughts figuring out what do they want to tell me. To torment me forever and never leave me at ease??? I want a little peace, thats all I ask. Enough of going through so much pain and so much tears at night. Enough of laughter when I could laugh no longer. Enough of hurt when I could hold on no longer. I see people being hurt and then consoling them, telling them its okay and everything will be okay when I know it never will be. Sometimes, lies are better that the truths. My walls are crumbling on me, leaving me no where to escape. Please put my burden at ease.

i swear really swear not to write anymore emo stuff.. =]

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