Thursday, August 7, 2008

It was never for me to want.

I didn't ask for the impossible. I didn't ask for the humiliation. But it seems the things i asked was too much for you. I never asked for anything that you are unable to accomplish but such little things, such petty acts, you could not pull them off. Why? You owe me half the time i have sacrificed for your better sake. And for that each moment you've taken, i never wanted them back. These things i had to go through, these thoughts i have to slay. And you still never ever thought of giving me back what was once a part of my dignity. To give me back something small and insignificant to you, but meant the world to me. I deserved something more. You have everything and yet I have nothing.

Today, is the very day i turn sixteen. Thank you to those who have remembered them and thank you to those who have wished me. They mean alot to me. Mum has finally gotten me a cake for my sweet sixteen. Its now 6.51p.m and before i know it, the day will soon be over. And the time that remained special throughout this day, i gratefully thank those who have made them even more special.

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