Saturday, August 9, 2008

Stepping out through a new world

Pink sunsets with yellow smiles
Clear serene waters like the river Nil
And falling leaves upon the ground
Plucked gently, they fall without sound

So beautiful were they, flashing with colour
Of hues from and some more other
They stay with you as though they bother
You take a glimpse of things so sombre

These memories vivid within me
I dug in deep in which to see
The things that I could never foresee
That I have once held the key
And through this long meandering past
I know this beauty will never last
Never know why I took this task
To be hiding behind that dark black mask

Some were sweet with some so pain
And like darkness you want them slain
These memories still they could be tame
But all together, they're all the same
So here is where i still lay
Silently waiting the end of the day
And as it turns to another say
These memories still come finding their way
Though not as if I care
That the day was never fair
To see that path that wanted wear
To be trod on as though its there
And so finally in the end
There were only footprints in the sand
Would you let me take you hand
And journey back to where memories land
Everything's still...

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