Friday, August 15, 2008

Bla la la

Eunice's birthday bash is coming... =]
My birthday "bash" is coming.... note the inverted commas

Lee Chong Wei made it into the finals...Finally, something to be proud of in the olympics. I'll bet he's dreaming of the RM1 mil now..

People, please update your blog...ran out of things to read...=]

went over to Hao Min's house for some short guitar lessons. And then went over to my house instead cuz she wanted some songs of mine. walked...talked...laughed. Was trying to tune the guitar cuz dad tuned it all wrong. Hao Min sat there trying to test the newly tuned strings. Can you imagine the big guitar on her. Yes, I laughed..hahaha. I mean, I don't usually see her with the big acoustic guitar. Wait, can you imagine hao min plays the guitar.. Wayyy cool. I'm still learning too. Tried to read some tabs or chords or whatever you like to name it, was being stubborn... could not read tabs at all, and still insisted on playing super hard songs. Well, thats my day today. Had some tgirly sessions with Wen again. We have "girly" sessions every tuesday and friday.. hahaa. Talked bout stuff. =]

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