Sunday, August 24, 2008

Blue, silver and Gold

Tonight is the closing ceremony for the Beijing Olympics, and there goes another four years, School is reopening soon, which actually is tomorrow. Results are coming back and finals are coming forward. Haven't got time to get start on the story yet. =]
Mum and I stayed up the whole saturday night just to watch the rhythmnic gymnast competition. I was really amazed at their flexibility and their beautiful costumes. This competition was said to be the most beautiful sport and I can't help agreeing. The way they dance with their chosen apparatus as one. Its like the dancers and their apparatus were fused together. Its simply wonderful to watch them move. Ohh, don't forget to watch the Olympic Beijing welcomes you video. Its awesome and I somehow just love the tune of it.

in between these clouds
hides glittering wings and sounds
with swift movement unfound
her eyes scanned the ground

she floats above in the air
without strings that holds her there
with grace she flies on without care
that the soft blue clouds will tear

embrace such glorious profound beauty
embark on a journey, on these wings of glory
unravel these threads that makes up a story
upon her body that soars endlessly

My saviour.
Take me away,
Far from these cursed grounds that lay.
Take me to a place,
Where there's night and day.
And the beauty of the night,
Never cease to come and stay.

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