Monday, August 4, 2008

Life and its inevitable ways

lalala... I know you love my blog layout because I love it too!!!! hahaa.
THANK YOU PUA SZE YIN!!!!! banyak banyak muaxxx... xp
Couldn't update blog cause busy with stuff, now am currently rushing to type some crap in to show you I've been blogging and yeah, thats about it. I love my blog =] Can't help but bragging.
Today I was sitting in class like a crazy duck cuz we had five free periods and thats too much free periods at once. Tomorrow theres this banner competition thingi and we get to skip for 3 hours, not that its good or anything. But, a little recreational time for me to get away from sejarah.. Urgh, so sick of listening bout Nabi Muhammad and his "interesting" life. Bahh, I really rather read chinese history though.
Having a really bad stomach so excuse the really really random post, though I am still in my sanest mind. =]
Till then......

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