Saturday, August 2, 2008

My world as it is

I feel as if everything now is really really just drifting apart, my friends and family.
The silence between our worlds starts growing and eating away the bonds that linked us together like bacteria. Eating away everything slowly and quietly.
Maybe thats what I think, or maybe thats just how i feel lately. the reassurance once there is now gone just when I needed it most. I'm moving away, fading into the background of a picture or a blue part in the skies. My boat is floating endlessly to nowhere, no destination , just bobbing along above the dark frightening waters.
I feel as if i were in pieces waiting for someone to come along and piece me back up to how I was before.

Life should be lived as it is, like I've always said. Its true that maybe the things I said I could never follow. But what am I to say, I am human after all.

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