Thursday, August 21, 2008

that disappointment

Slept over at Wen's house. Had conflict in the morning, then went off to The Curve for food. Had lunch in Ikea then walked around Curve. Was suppose to have a sort of gathering that night but not many people could turn up so it was canceled. Was so disappointed. Really really disapponted. But anyways, we watched Wall.E, and this idiot stepped on my foot. OUCH!!!! We were like walking around aimlessly cuz there was nothing to do.... Ohh... we sort of were talking about english names, and then if you put all three of our initials together it spelt GAY.. hahaa. We ended the day at TGI.Fridays with only 4 people, including Amanda Yong. She came after all those who ffk us. Yes, fong fei kei. EEsh. Ate and left. And thats already the highlight of my holidays

I dreamt of you again

But this time, it was more real then a dream

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