Sunday, August 31, 2008


I finally finally set up the computer. Had to reinstall everything. Felt super super lazy. I finally am able to read Breaking Dawn today.. HAha. I know its late but you can't blame me for running low on green papers that the world revolves around. Breaking precious precious. Fine fine, my (rented for exactly 30 days) precious. Will not reveal any spoilers here. Go get the book for those who haven't read yet. Its awesome!!!!!

Didn't hear any fireworks yesterday eventhough I live near 1u, the curve and ikano. Mum said there were fireworks but it lasted only for a while. Guess nobody seems to care about our country anymore. I wonder how was the Avril Lavinge concert. It was raining that friday night.

Grandma just came down from Penang with her sister-in-law. I'm seriously bored to death besides reading bio and doing add maths. I really have to start studying. Theres like only a month left to finals. Sheeeet.

My story is coming about, but I'm running out on scenes. Elaborated too much and the scene is never going anywhere. Gotta consult my partner, Alethea. Never underestimate her writing skills. =]

Missing out on my social life lately. I'm dying to go out somewhere. Anyone care to join me??

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