Tuesday, January 4, 2011

day one, day one

Day 1:

Entered the hotel at 8 something in the morning and waited for the Human Resource Department to open. After that, we were assigned our lockers and shifts, and from which period, we are to work in different department. But for my case, it’s a different restaurant.

We changed and got to our respective places to work. For the first day, I was assigned to work at the Tigran section, which is the banquet section in Sarkies Corner. I had to run around clearing plates, and setting the table. After awhile, I was called to the back lane to help my friend with wiping the dishes.

When it got busier outside, I abandoned my dish cleaning job and went outside to serve the guests.

After that, the lunch service ended and we had a shirt training of how to greet the guest. Followed by a short briefing on today and updates regarding the menu and prices. The restaurant manager of the day took us around the hotel and explained to us a short history of E&O.

Day 2:

Came in early in the morning. Was assigned to Arshak today, which is another part of Sarkies Corner. During the morning buffet, there weren’t many people inside the coffee house, so I was assigned to go out on the verandah and serve the guests there. There were a lot of people coming and going and the clearing had to be done quick so that the new setting can be placed for the next guest. Served coffee and tea to the guests and cleared all the dirty plates away.

Was a very busy morning.

After that, I went back to Arshak section to man my own station. Again with the same thing, clearing and replenishing the water. After awhile I had to help out with replenishing the sugar bowl and salt and pepper.

When it was almost 3 o’clock, guests started leaving and was prepared for the dinner service.






to sum everything up. was a long long day today. Will finally post up all the pictures when I have the time. till then. my diary entry ends.   Smile

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