Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 3

Came back this morning from work at about 1.00a.m.

Was mad tired and my legs felt like they were on fire. I just realised that I lost my badge because I forgot to take it out yesterday. Damn !

I chipped a glass yesterday. Slammed down the glasses too hard on each other. Will try to take things slow today, and if I rush, I will definately lose my focus and all sorts of things will happen.

Tired and sleepy, but I’m more aware of how Sarkies operate now. I have until 22 of January until I move to the next restaurant. I can’t wait for a change even though I haven’t even gone through my first week yet, let alone two more weeks.

Time seems to past so slowly at work when I wait for the guest to eat. Clearing their plates an refilling their glasses over and over again.

I have so many worries on my hands right now. Though they can be quite petty, they’re still things worth worrying about. I’m new and I should not make any mistakes now. I carry the name Taylor’s and I swore to make it proud.

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