Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 8 and Day 9 and Day 10

Day 8 Tuesday

Worked at Martin today. Low occupance today too. Not as many as usual.

Cleared plates and refilled water. Prepared some special requests by guests too like preparing fingerbowls.

Worked alone and rode on the bus alone too.

Day 9 Wednesday

Was my off day. My first break in a week. Was mad tired but extremely excited with the fact that I could meet Karen and have good talk with her.   (:

Went Queensbay Mall and shopped for some stuff with her.

Day 10 Thursday

Was placed in charge of Verandah today. Had a difficult time trying to wake up on time. Anyway, verandah was full during the morning buffet. But no so full during the hi tea.

Was then placed to Tigran to help another casual worker with clearing the plates. They ate like lightning and we had a hard time trying to clear so any people’s plates at once. Their plates were piling up every second and we had to work quick.

Did the same work again. Not much. Had a short training on how to set the table the proper way. 

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