Saturday, January 8, 2011

If I die young, bury me inside, lay me down on a bed of roses

Sometimes, the past is a much better place to be. To wallow in the dreams I had before, rather than facing reality now. Reality as we grow up, has become so tangled up. The threads leading to each path can no longer be unravel, and everything has become a blur grey. There is no white, or black, just grey grey grey.

I wonder if I’ve chosen the right course, if it was really my choice to abandon my family and my life and my friends to live this other life, where my whole would be dedicated to this job only.

Would things start to become complicated so slowly, and all the time I have left, would be just to sit down and think about my past. The much simpler life before.

I know that I may never stay there for long, reality is always passing me by, so quickly.


It’s a saturday and I’m here waiting for work to start and feeling very mellow. I’m working on a weekend, how depressing is that.   ):

Its tough getting used to this life. Getting used to the fact that everyday would just be another day, no weekends, or weekdays, or public holidays. Just days, counting down before I could finally go home again.

I’m alone, and sick. And I am sick of being alone. Its as though the moment I was born, loneliness would be tied to me always. My throat itches like mad and it hurts every time I cough. It’s been only five days and I’m already falling sick.

Well, wish me luck for yet another day at work.

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