Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 20

Day 20 is today !!

And it was one of the longest awkward hours that I’ve even gone through. After I was done with little tasks here and there. I spent most of my time standing around and observing others.

Had a short training on the setting of the table and the name of cutleries and the glassware. It felt like F&B class back in college all over again.

Everything was so much more complicated and difficult. I’ve learned how to do the setting for the afternoon tea and dinner. And I’ve read through the menu and try to understand the food being served here.

Now, I have to slowly understand the sequence of changing the cutleries and how to serve the customers. Everything has to be prick and proper. No close distances with colleagues when guests are around. No facing your back towards them. No making loud noises. And more NOs to learn for the next three weeks.


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