Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 18

Yesterday was a Friday and I was assigned to verandah. Had to serve 70 people on my own because the captain said I was a quick worker.

But the other  30 people did not turn up so I ended up with 38 men and 2 ladies to serve. Which in the beginnning was scary because they were giving me the creepy eyes and the crooked smile.

One of them even asked for my phone number. But anyway, after a long round of drinks they went home. And I was relieved.

Had to stay back to sit down and count a whole lot of linen. Cleared all the rest and sent the linen down to the housekeeping department.

So today will be my last day in Sarkies Corner. I can’t believe 3 weeks is gone just like that. Not totally looking forward to working at 1885.    :(

But I’ll just have to try to cope.

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