Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 22

Aiks. Its already the third day in 1885. Made plenty of mistakes today. I’m so lucky the supervisor did not pin me down for those mistakes.

Managed to take the guest’s order for the afternoon tea and served them too. Was a relief that I didn’t do any silly mistakes during the afternoon tea.

Dinner was horrible. I had a miscommunication with the guest, dropped the lid of the water urn and placed the amuse bouche on the wrong place on the table. Felt really embarrassed as all those were really silly mistakes. At least I got to serve the customers and it wasn’t so boring.

Learned that I have to always serve on the right and collect plates from the left. The amuse bouche have to be placed on the show plate  and the cakes for the afternoon tea have to be explained to the guests.

But so far so good. I’m still coping.

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