Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 16

Yesterday was a Wednesday. Worked the afternoon shift. Time was moving really really slow and I was practically inching with time.

Was placed in charge of Arshak again. My favourite place in the whole restaurant.   :)       Then again, I do like a little variance.

Realized that the workers there were gossiping about me behind my back. They said I was stuck up, which I don’t think I was in the first place. It hurts sometimes, when you’re here alone, trying to make things work and trying to fulfil everyone’s expectations at the same time. But you end up being called names behind your back. They make you a friend, and dump you the next.

I’d wish that I’d learned from all these. That I’d lock up my heart and will never have to be vulnerable to all these petty name calling that might hurt so much. I will never be susceptible to all feeling of loneliness and condemn myself of being so weak to everything.

Everyone, every single breathing living person is only a liability. They either become an asset or just another rubbish waiting to be dumped. Nobody is a friend, or an actual person who actually understands what the rest of the world is going through.

No. Apparently not.  

So now I’m left with two things.

I’ve locked my heart. And its up to you whether you would become a liability or an asset.

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