Thursday, December 30, 2010

I’m sorry.

I’ve had enough of guilt eating away at me for today.

I should never have asked. I should never have pulled you in.

I should never have.

But I did. And now I bear the consequences.


I’m tired of giving in. I’m tired of giving way to the weak. It’s not being kind and selfless anymore. Its being naive and stupid. If I give way, and I complain, I’m the bad guy. But if I don’t give way, I’m also the bad guy. So, where do I stand now?

She asks why am I doing all this? Why am I being so stupid?

And I don’t deny her the lecture because I needed it. Badly. I’m a coward and I always try to help. In the end, who is going to help me?

Not you, not her. I end up alone.

So if you can figure things out with her before, then you can do it again. I’m frustrated and tired, and there are so many things left undone. Trying to work things out for myself is definately enough. Don’t pull me in anymore. I can’t take it.


new year’s resolution: be a bitch. because life is for the taking

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