Wednesday, December 22, 2010

take a bite out of my heart

Today is one month away from Chinese New year. I don't exactly know what its called in english but we call it "dong zi" in chinese. First assessment was completed today and I'm proud to say that I've completely screwed the whole paper. And now I'm about to screw the one tomorrow too.

Am tired and barely slept the past few days.

Stayed back in library to get some studying done after assesment. Studied a little while, then ended up watching shows, jumping around and laughing like a maniac. Felt like as though exams are all over.

Went to KTZ for tang yuen with a few friends.
Desserts were goooooooooooood.

Result of Brendon's flaring with water.
Classmate sleeping in the corner. :)
Lunch service on Monday. Leftover pictures. :)
Delicious peach almond tart.

Sauvignon Blanc. 2008.
Worst food I've ever tasted in my whole life.
Its true!!

At christmas party the last saturday night.

Till then, language and management tools assessment up tomorrow.
Wish me luck !
Can't wait for everything to be over.
Penang on Saturday !! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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