Thursday, December 16, 2010

As he came in through the window, it was the sound of a crescendo


Cooking week. Went down to the kitchen to get jiggy with it again this week. Cooked chicken confit and pasta pesto or something like that.

Took a whole lot of food home that day after cooking, ate a whole lot of food too. I swear if you saw me eating you would’ve thought I have never seen food in my life before. But how could I stand there watching raspberry tarts, and kahlua chicken, and chicken with gravy, and pasta, and cheese and caviar soup????

Had VIPs over that day so we had nicer food to eat for extras. Imma happy person.  Smile


The purple potato, salmon slice, and dragon prawn for VIPs.


Had POMD exam on yesterday and statistics assessment today.

I screwed POMD. Literally.

Anyway, attended a wine dinner yesterday night. I actually drank four different types of wine. Had to keep drinking water to prevent myself from turning red. Sparkling wine was nice, the chardonnay and pinot noir not so nice. And the dessert wine from Germany was the best !

All hail sweet wines !


All hail macarons too !      (:


Dessert wine and chardonnay.


Have lots to think about these days. Just went out with Juat to ou for a while and did some shopping for christmas. I’m stresses out. I really really am. Bought a dress of night and starlight.

NO kidding bout the starlight part.

I is happy !

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