Friday, December 24, 2010



I am going to miss this ever crazy bunch of people.   Smile

Had our last dinner together at Umami in LCS. Played the secret santa game and laughed alot yesterday night. Ate so mush I swear I could eat no more but I guess it was definately worth it. Had so much fun with all these ever funny people. And I can’t wait to see them again in 3 months.

Don’t know whether to cry or just walk away. How could one year have ended so quickly.



After Umami, we went to KL to drop Karen at her house, and then back to college to pick up my car. And then rush off to Laundry to watch Brendon and his band perform. Screamed like maniacs and all of them were like staring at us. But we had our fun.

Went cineleisure to watch Gulliver’s travels. OMG.

Lamest show ever !!! Haha. But whatever. Was totally pooped by the time the show was over and I can’t wait to go home for some goodnight sleep. Assessments were finally over and now I’m just getting prepared for my internship training.



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