Sunday, December 19, 2010

Its a joke, life that is.

How do I say if its unfair. How would I know if the problem wasn’t me in the first place, that I’m being bitter about the whole thing because I was being greedy and jealous.

A second chance? How is that a second chance when chances were being given out like candy to children. I don’t know.

I’m angry, yes I am very angry. Whether its from all the stress from college or what I’m not entirely sure. But what I know is, I can’t talk to you anymore. Don’t bother trying to get me to open up to you. Because if I want to, I would’ve done that a long time ago. All you can do now is just stay away from me and let me live my own life

I hate her. Full stop. And I will never stop. I will never turn around by what she’s done to compensate for all her past mistakes and the misery she’s placed me under. All those years of pain cannot be erased so easily just by a gift or a gesture.

I’ll play along with her, until I finally leave this place. Then I’ll see who you’ll be prouder of. Her or me. I’ll just stand by time and wait to see how long she’ll last.

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