Sunday, July 26, 2009

To hell with the people who think they're the world and still do not realise it.


went for the usual hiking up mountain thing again yesterday.
still am out of breath.
and my arms still hurt alot.
will not bother to straighten them ever ever again.
(lazy with the caps thing, please bear with me)
went to wong kok yesterday and saw chi chi.
his sister is really cute.

anyway, i'm here now to say something i think that i can't supress it no longer.
i wanna say so many many things, but i'm afraid no one will listen.
because people are so damn caught up with themselves and the people relevant to themselves and their post society events that they forgot who is still standing here.
so caught up with their problems, or petty miseries that they have forgotten about the rest of the world. or maybe just me.
i'm tired and i keep saying it all the time because i am.
but i'm still ranting here because i know nobody listens anyway.
the world moves too quickly and they try to compete the speed that eventually everything passing through them is missed.
i always thought they were there, holding on with me.
sharing what we always have, keeping it alive and real. i thought that i had belong there.
but it seems that i was wrong.
i was always wrong.
no matter what i try to tell myself things are not like that.
it still is.
no matter how much i try to tell myself to just brush off these petty things, i just can't.
i hate you people, and i can't just dismiss you guys because we're friends.
but how much longer can i still keep up with this parody.
this stupid game of hide and seek.
or was it only me who was playing the seeker of whispers behind me.
i had brought you two together and how could you just leave me out?
i'm so sick of seeing things like that. and i'm so angry.
so in this parody, where do i stand? the one holding the camera?
sick sick sick of this world
sick of you stupid people who seemingly stands infront of you, holding you.
when all they really do is whisper behind
maybe its not mine to tell, maybe i am being unreasonable.
but you know what, you too.
we've been friends for the longest time, but sometimes i still think that i don't really know you.
i'll leave you here to go on with your friends.
i don't need you, though you were once my sanctuary, my shoulder to cry on.
not anymore i guess.
i'm still here alone.

and to think that your lives are really that painful.

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