Sunday, July 12, 2009

I don't really know whats right anymore

Another weekend close to being over again.
Have a sudden craving to watch Barbie movies.
So I did went out to buy one. :)
Kids are so friggin lucky nowadays, I mean there were no barbie entertainment to watch during my time. But then I was satisfied with my paper dolls, plushies and all.

So anyway, pictures are still not here and I beseech you readers to be patient kayy.
I am more of a word-expressing kind of person. :)

So yeahh, till then I'll retire.

Jogging at Bukit Kiara has now become a habit.
I'm keeping fit yo!

There is so much that I could give to you
Just say you want me to
I know these roots could break the ground
And in the meantime our leaves will turn
But rest assured
We'll get through anything
Are you, are you falling for me
Like I'm oh I'm falling for you

Sometimes, I cannot miss what I've never had.
I'd rather be a fool with a broken heart, than to never had a part of you.

Eventhough it's a pretty small part.

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