Friday, July 3, 2009

Annoyance, another degree of a mangled heart

This was just to test Wen Han's theory.

I'm trying to run, to tire myself so that I could no longer think of anything else but the amount of breaths I'll have to take in.

I run, trying to reach out to another world that never existed.
Like my existance... insignificant, unknown, and invisible.

How would I decide what to do next, rather than going back to all those painfully wasted months. Time had seemed to be lost amongst each changing seconds and ticking minutes of the clock.
How could I have been deluding myself all this time.
Voices telling me otherwise.

Everything is different, yet it all seemed so real to me.
Who could've known what you were thinking?
I can't say much anymore.
There weren't much to begin with anyway.

I still try my hardest to lift this sorrow of mine.
The one that still crushes me under its bouldering weight.

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