Friday, July 31, 2009

Abstaining from surreptitious glances

Am a little late to post this up.
But this was AiNi's birthday card.
It was bigger than your school bagpack.
And I meant the hiking one.

Will take orders for personal handmade cards.
Just joking. :)
But I MAY consider opening a business.

Hari koko today.
Laughed lots, and sang lots too.
But I will not try to describe how my nerves felt today.
I was shivering when I held the mic.
Could only hear myself, so I thought I was singing too loudly.
Apparently Ai Pei had the nerves too. Lol.

This was purely candid, I swear.
But it looks funny.
Wait, I look funny.
But I love the happiness I feel looking at it.
I was happy.

Harry Potter was oo...kayy.
Will suck in all those comments.
Am a great Harry potter fan after all. :)
But the few scenes behind was really funny.
kill him
kill him
kill him
I'll do it. *mumbles some weird incantation*
the end

how dare you use my amble spells on me
*points wand at harry* *bizzerrrkkk* *sparks fly from wand to harry*
I am the half blood prince
*walks away*
the end

Yes. Get my sarcasism.
There was nothing at all in their conversation.
So much for Harry.
Hermione has really really lousy taste.
Ron for heavens sake. Won Won. That was a good one

Lai Yee and her chicken head. :)
Never let her eat chocadok (mash and fried banana )
She might go really high.

And Ong Jeng Mei
Who is insanely in love with Disney songs.
And her newly handmade mask.
I like the pretty feathers too.

I can't wait till next week.
Although I don't really know what am I so excited about.
Maybe it's just the thought of growing up.
Or the wish I have just been aching to have.
Please please, just bless this one on me.
Just this one.

Till then. tata.

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