Saturday, July 25, 2009

I'll wait for the moon at its roundest for you to take me away from the window

Its amazing how you can get addicted to one thing.
I do not think sorry sorry is that lala a song anymore.
Unless.... I'm falling to the lala side. NEVER!
Meet my new hamster, or so called the survivor.
Its brother and sister got eaten by the dad.
Anyway, meet peppermint. Haha.
It's only as big as my thumb.

Yes, these are evidence of bite marks.
Yes, can you believe it.
Somebody bit me until the bite turned pink then red, then purple!!
Fine fine, I exaggerated. It didn't turn purple. But it did turn red.
And it was red for the whole day.
Airina, when I get back to school, you're gonna get it.

P.S I love you was a really really good movie.

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