Friday, July 17, 2009

I am still stubborn with wanting what I can never have. The insolent stubborn person that I am

I have blogged three times today.
And that is three times too often.
Have too much on my mind lately, guess it wouldn't hurt if I did after all wanted to post out my thoughts. Not that they're much of a thought, but thoughts nonetheless.

Am in a heap of a mess right now.
I feel numb and I don't want to care what happens to the rest of the world.
My art project is still left hanging there, and here I am for whatever reasons ranting away.
Trials are coming and you can't say that I'm not scared because I am positively freaked out right now and nothing seemed so mellow anymore.
Harry Potter can wait. :)

I can't concentrate during add maths class and my mind kept drifting off.
Must the the unreasonable flu virus that has seemingly attacked me just when I was about to stress myself to complete my art project.
Art didn't seemed so fun anymore.
But who would anyway when you had to draw everyday and you know that you're not so much of an artistic person.

I hope the pretty colours will make my rants look a little less boring.
Yes, yes I know. It won't change my rants into some exciting event to read about anyway.

Have not been playing Friends For Sale for a really long while so I went there and bought everyone I saw on the first page. :)

Only hope is a really REALLY hard song to play.
Urgh. This does not add up to the joyous mood.
Ohh wait, I didn't even have any joyous mood to begin with anyway.

But I still do like the song.
I will never ever get tired of listening to it.
And for the info, I hear it every single day without fail. :)

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