Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I won't cry for you

I am currently in love with Zee Avi's voice.
I am I am.
I am still kinda lucky I wasn't chosen for NS.
Big big relief. But Juat got chosen. So did a few other people.

Had spot check today. AGAIN.
Poor me, and the other girls who were thoroughly checked for any stuff.
Had to jump about and shake our shoes infront of them.
And had to let them touch us for stuff.
So much for spotchecks. Two times this year. And that is two times too many.

Saw the performances that were performing that day.
Err.... I still don't understand why we weren't selected.
Will not comment on other performances, but she is definately a bitch.

Oh well, hari temu mesra this fri.
Will probably not be going for cheer then.
So good luck. :)

Just something to share with you guys

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