Saturday, July 11, 2009

This barrier in between

I had fun at malam bakat. :)
Was doing all that I could do at a concert.
I am now holding a record of recording a 10 minute performance without a tripod stand.
My arms are still sore okayy, but I was happy listening to them laughing beside me.

You guys are awesome awesome awesome!
And look awesome too, in a pretty malay way. :)

You should meet my high drugged friend, Yue Qi.
Everytime she's with me, we'll burst. What a way to put it. haha
NO, but we'll really really go crazy.

Was in lighting room screaming and shouting and laughing together.
:) I am happy.

Overall, malam bakat was okay I guess.
Maybe there are some parts of it which I didn't really like.
But I'll pass it though.

Ohh, and sorry to Yinky cause it was so crowded and I couldn't find you.
Although I did book a seat, waiting for you to come.

Pictures will come later. Patience. I still don't own a camera remember???

I could not find you, in the sea of faces that has now become a barrier in between.
It was just a face that I wanted to see.
But why can't I ?

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