Sunday, July 5, 2009

The last resonance, the first swing


A big congratulations to team Blitzerz,
who went home with the title champion of cheer 2009.

And along with that, second runner up for best make-up,
and best supporters award.

Although I should definately deserve that.
Had practically screamed my lungs out during the whole thing.
I have good spirit.
Gonna miss Blitzerz. :)

Good job to everyone for the extra hard-earned effort.
I love you guys so so much!

Manage to persuade mum into allowing me to attend cheer.
Was beating up myself inside for missing the first day.
Told you I have good spirit.

Went crazy the whole day, especially on the ride to Bukit Jalil.
We sounded like a bunch of schoolgirls who has never seen an lrt.
Or sat in one before for that matter.

Ran, talked and laughed. Which was the best part of the whole day.
Yes, we laughed so much I think my throat, and my pancreas came out.
Wait.. or was it my liver that dropped out.

Anyway, Gwen is very happy today.
Will post up pictures as soon as I get them.
It's no my fault that some other people are filthy rich, and they can own a camera.
I will just have to rely on them. :)

I do own a phone after all, rite??

Gwen has failed terribly at her attempt to "surf" in the lrt.
I couldn't balance myself for pete's sake.
Surfing is out of my list.

I don't really know what to do
I don't really know what to say
Because I would do anything just to see you there

To see you smile
To feel your presence
These would just suffice

Because I know,
there wouldn't be anymore.
I may not be everything,
But I may not be nothing either.

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