Tuesday, March 23, 2010

whatever that keeps me alive

Went for driving ceramah thingi on Saturday.
I know its a little late to post this up, but nonetheless. :)
The kayu ara driving place was pure torture. LITERALLY.
I sneezed non-stop the whole day which could sum up to about 100 times.
My nose was in hell.

Ceramah was absolutely boring, and it smelled of -shallnotmention-

Finally got the chance to see AiNi and Ming back from their NS.
Ming waas so skinnyyyy. She gives people inspiration to go to NS. :)

Anyways, had an awesome time with the peeps after the ceramah..
Went off to 1u for some good bonding sessions.
Had dinner twice. :)

Sang randomly in public before going home. lol
I am now in a foul mood because I am sick and my throat itches like mad.
Besides that, some bug bite my toe and it is swollen.
It itches like crazy and hurts like hell. *damnit*

Will be off to college tomorrow to settle some stuff.

something funny :)

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