Tuesday, March 2, 2010

through thy eyes that were still in darknes

Some random stuff I wrote today. :)
Not related. to each other though. I wrote one for shereen too. !!!

ancient queen
the dark shall not devour thy scarlet crown
thy eyes in misty haze
thy heart that does not beat
be still
that the silent buzzes through thy ears
that the night shall creep in thy heart
and thy eyes will close forever

so soft, of the silent dragging of thy feet
from thy thirst that was parched and ravaged
shall shatter the stillness of night
and the moon is shunned from the sky
and thy scarlet crown shall stay
in the midst of the night

the heart that beats in stillness
the past that runs behind
the face of tears and sadness
in hand they will go by

quiet, unsaid, this night of dark glimmer
wheezes through
like meteors in the sky
the trees that waves
and swaying leaves
falls, drops
and disappears

gold fields the dance
gently, slowly
flowing, unfurling
its tresses of petals
of fluttering wings that hides
in stalk
in budding blooms
in fields of molten yellow gold

thou that do not speak
of thy lips that are sealed
and questions thou shall not ask
with answers unravel
like thread the needle sew
through thy slippery fingers

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