Wednesday, March 3, 2010

whatever that has happened, will clear out like a stormy cloud

Econs test was okay I guess. But I am so doomed for the 5 mark questions.
Maths was absolutely horrible.
Eventhough it was an open book discussion, we couldn't figure it out.
Tomorrow is going to be much much worse. I know it. Hahaa

I am a very happy girl today. Don't ask why because I won't tell you. :)

quiet, silent
the world that turns
enclosed away
within feathery light bubbles
unsaid, untalked of
thy words that never left
find, look
for that someone thou need
to hold
no longer alone
thy hands that lingered
still waiting

begone, unhold
this past untold
thou that was lost within
thy shadow that hovered
quiet stillness

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