Saturday, March 20, 2010

I dont know which part did I ever do wrong. I never put words in your mouth.
You always assume that. I never thought I was big or proud or anything, only you.
I never thought that I could do anything I want, or thought that I was bigger than you.


You thought that yourself. I do not say that I did not admit my mistakes.
But the mistakes you blame me for were just too great.
And I did not do that. I do not deny that sometimes I made mistakes.
But you do.
You always do.

You ALWAYS put words in my mouth.
You always assume of something I was not.
You always thought that I want to go against you.
When I really don't.

Over every little detail.
You just do not see what I see because you don't want to admit you were wrong on your part too.

I just don't understand why so much anger the past few days.
Although sometimes I try to shrug it off, it just gets to me.
It hurts when you mock me, and you think you don't.
You just don't realise it.

You are always being so sensitive over every detail.
And I don't understand why.
You always bring everybody's mood down, and you blame it on me.

I stay quiet at the times I know you were mad, because I know,
no matter how I argue back, you always win.

I know I am at fault because I was stubborn.
But you always would not let me go.
You never stop at one point.
You always bring it up ALL at once.

It tires me to deal with your mood. But I have my own things to deal with too.

It hurts sometimes, but you just don't care.
Because you care more about how you feel.

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