Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I'm leaving and I am very very VERY sad.
I miss my crazy, funny, and lame college mates and that makes leaving even harder.
I know this course is really important to me but my friends are too.

I feel heavy hearted now and I can't bear to leave all my friends behind.
I wish they knew how much they have brightened up my life and instead of treading towards college, I'll run there, anxious to see them again.

I know it has only been 3 months, but I felt like we're old old friends and that we share something no one could ever understand.
Its been hell for the past few weeks and they have been my sanctuary, my own haven.
I love them to bits and I don't want to ever ever leave them.
It is an impossible hope for them all to come with me, but of course, my future is equally important too.

Making friends was a hard task for me, but now that I've done it, I don't feel like doing it again.
Its too heartbreaking to leave the people that you see almost everyday.

I promise I won't cry. I really won't. Because time does not wait for your tears to drop.
Time will walk on, and we try to be on the same pace with it so we could have a little bit more.

Smile people, I'm not leaving Malaysia just yet.
Although you guys will probably be leaving first as my diploma will last two years.

Promise that you guys will always move forward with time.
I know I am a little lazy to specify this but you guys must know that you'll always be in my heart. AND NO, it doesn't sound corny.
I'm trying to be emo here... :)

for the rest of the world that I had missed out knowing, thanks anyway.
And for the faces I see each day, loitering by the corridors, hanging around the books, queuing up by the vending machine...
Its these insignificant faces that I will miss too.

Bahhh... I want to stop sounding emo now. :)

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