Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tomorrow is just another mystery, but thats okay

Went to cheefoong's farewell party thing yesterday.
Stopped by Yinky's place first. (she can
Dropped by proway and played snooker/pool/billiard whatever you wanna call it.
I SAW YIKHAN. omgomgomgomg

anywayy... played a little ( i hate places with smoke )
Then we went off to kota damansara.

People had a big fuss over Yinky's driving tho.
Bicker bicker bicker... all the way there. hahaa

Didn't swim, but almost got pulled over. I got really really lucky.
Hung around and left.

What happens next will remain a mystery. :)

i saw you
but everything was different now
i think i've finally learnt to let go
sometimes the pain still stabs
the yearning starts to fade
and i could finally breathe easy again
i cant say
that i wont miss everything
i'll just look back and say
they're memories
nothing more

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