Thursday, March 18, 2010

Come away with me, behind masks of dark parade

Hey people. I am sitting in college alone now, at the library.
Thinking about so many things that happened by in the past 3 months, or two and a half.
I've met so many awesome people and reconnected with all of my old friends.
There's so much that I've learned about myself and I'll bring these things with me when I go.

Break ups sucks, especially when you are the one doing the leaving.
I'm going crazy trying to figure out how my life turn now and which way will it end up to.

And to my ever awesome classmates, I WILL MISS YOU GUYS TOO.
Eventhough you'll are such a noisy bunch of people .. :)
And though I've been tortured so often by the one who sits beside me, I'll miss you too.

And you you you, I know you are such an annoying pest and would never ever say hi to me, but much prefer to insult me instead, I'll miss you too.
And I'll miss Nagomi and Kopitiam Station, and the Tang Yuen at the soya shop too.

Hahaa, I know all of that is so irrelevant to what I'm writing now,but it doesn't make a difference to the fact that I will miss all 3 months I've had over here.
I'll admit the people at Taylors are awesome to the core !

So I'll stop here and wish me good luck in my new course. SMILES

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