Saturday, December 27, 2008

You found me

Can you still believe it???
When people ask you how old are you now..
We'll probably go "ermm.. I think we're stuck between 16 and 17??"
Yes, we're all officially seventeen next year.
Big number ain't it?
We're seniors and this will be our last year in high school.
So much for the neverending drama. :)
Lalalaa.* randomly sings* "I am sixteen going on seventeen, baby I'm not naive......"

Went to Genting yesterday. I'm sure all of you out there have been there right?
Well then save me the long explanation of how my heart nearly got killed.
Will post up pictures soon!!

To Khei Qi and Wenqi and Hsu Wern and the much awaited TzeWei.
Lets have a belated christmas party on saturday.
All we have to do is ask everyone to bring food. And I meant EVERYBODY
I will organize the activities for the night. :)
Text me yo!!!
Ohh.. everyone got to bring a present.

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