Thursday, December 18, 2008

With you, desire becomes irrelevent

hello people!!
much awaited gwen is back from penang.
not like theres much to wait about. =]

Penang was a little boring and when we arrived into my grand mother's house, the plastic carpets were missing. AHHHH. not good. not good at all.
Was not use to walking on the cement floor with those eroded holes on it.
Ended up wearing my cousin's big chicken slippers. hahaa??

My cousin Ying ying and husband.

My cousin and wife Sharon

Anyway, I was suppose to meet up with Khei Qi and Wenqi they all, but last minute, my plans changed. Didn't have enough time to go Queensbay cause my niece and nephew were coming.
So me and Sharon Jiejie(my cousin's wife) ran into Queensbay mall, get stuff from the shop she works in (The natural source), run in aldo, and ran into Mango and out.

Had a nice dinner at some fancy hotel. Wasn't really feeling well so I didn't eat much.
Brettany as always, was being a handful.

Owhh.. yeap. I cut my hand whilst watching some scary murder, kidney ripping movie. =]

Monday, went to the market in the morning. The market was located by the sides of a main road. It was scary dodging all the cars.
Later we stopped by Gurney plaza in the afternoon. Looked around for stuff..yada yada.
then we had KFC for dinner. Never go out without a jacket when you are wearing sleeveless. Those air-cons in the shopping mall can really numb you. I was practically freezing my butt off.
Not that it really fell off or something like that.
Was a little bored when mum was buying clothes. So, what else is there to do when you have a camera phone in hand. =]

Lets see... Tuesday..
My cousin Yingying came to my grandma's house. We went to the beach near Batu Ferringhi.
Couldn't go swimming cause Brettany was there. Afraid that she might get a heat stroke. Sat by the sand dunes and watch the people water ski. I wanna go too!!!
Wednesday, we went to visit my mum's cousins which makes them my second cousin. They all stay in this really remoted area. Its like this really big colony of cousins.
then at night, we went to the night market near where my ah yee stays. Its so much better than the SS2 market I tell ya. hahaaa.

So I'm back here again. Tired from the long bus ride from Penang. Too bad I didnt bump into Hong Ling. Might have shown her penang though. =]

I am in love, IN LOVE I tell you, with this song.
Dibius cinta.
I know its in malay but who cares.
Its an awesome song!!
Owhh and Yinky.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Sorry I couldn't attend your sweet sixteen pool party. =]

The niece and nephew

I was hoping so hard, wishing upon the heavens that I will somehow see you again.
Because with you, my desires become irrelevent.
What I want or don't does not seem to matter anymore.
Only your absence stands alone.

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