Tuesday, December 9, 2008

After a storm, will it still a blue day?

Recent updates bout today.
- Went to OU to watch BOLT with peeps today.
- Had snacks at Chilis. We (five people) shared a bowl of bottomless Tostadas chips, and we never refilled.
- I still miss hanging out with them. =(
- I bought a pastel purple nail polish. At least that cheers me up.
- I still think a pink shop is irrational.
- I think that BB foundation in Skin shop is ridiculously expensive.
Read after me... RIDICULOUSLY expensive.
- Shah Alam Ah Yee's Christmas party is pulled forward to the 20th.
- Sasa's workers scare the hell out of me. Not like there's any hell in me either.
- I want to watch House Bunny.
- I fell in love with Hong Ling's poodle. =]
- Michael Jackson's moves are WAYYY cooler than shuffling.
- I still want to eat Korean BBQ
- I still sorrow over those matters that did not seem to mean anything anymore.
That word still lingers around me, and I'm unable to rest.
Had it meant so much to me, these insignificant words from you?
Had time move so fast, and so far?
Was I unable to catch up with the past that still haunts me?
I still stand there alone, letting my thoughts flow with the soft breeze that floats by.
It still hurts deep inside.
I want it to stop... so badly. But I don't know how.

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