Sunday, December 7, 2008

the end

Sleepover sessions At Miss Beh's again with Khei Qi , Khei Sze, Hong Ling, Denise and Nicole. Had to settle on the make-up for the concert.
Watched The Cinderella story.....again. And Khei Sze was reciting every line. hahaa.
Left for UM early in the morning to do the backdrop.
Driving there had its own insanity.
Btw, Wen Qi had taken a lizard's life. She had separated its head unwillingly. Poor thing.
That lizard will probably haunt her in her sleep.
And me too. Why?
Cause I had to clean it up.. EWE
You could actually see blood.
What would Miss Beh say?? Hmmm?

And then, Hillary slept over my house and we were burning our hair with dildos. Hahaa.
Its a damn curler okay.

The concert is finally over and I'd really hoped that I did well. Okay..fine. Satisfying.
Was busy walking up and down and left and right.
My legs were painful and sore from the walking in the stilettos.
Never ever EVER wear stilettos on a job, they're lethal.
People aged 12 and below can be so damn cute. Especially Jie Eu.
Overall, I should think the concert was OKAY. I'm glad it turned out well.
And the backdrop stayed on.
Thanks again Katrina for the dress. Love you lots!!!!
And thank you KY for comin even though I know this is sooooo totally not your thing.
Will make it up to you. =]
And Thank you miss beh for giving me this oppurtunity to have made so many friends and to outcast my talent in dancing again.

Still feels a little empty bout not goin to Miss Beh's condo.
Every morning, the very moment I open my eyes, I'll think about the things we're gonna do at Miss Beh's place today.
I guess the need isn't there anymore.
Anyhoo, we all will still get together somehow right??

My friend is interested in Nicole and Sin Jiang.. hahaa..huh?? ewe..
Camwhoring is still totally back in season. :D

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