Sunday, December 28, 2008

Secret whisperers

Hello people. Lots to blog about today. Well not ABOUT today. But lots to blog today. Get it?
Anyway, went out with parents and aunt to ikano. It was jam packed I tell you.
The whole place was as though a whole continent of people were placed in the middle of the shopping mall. I'm not kidding. I'm lucky to come out alive.

Walked around ikano and curve, drank creme brulee at Gloria Jean. Its heaven I tell you. And the lasagnia or whatever its spelled, taste so good.
After that, we went to look at some plants. Guess what I saw.
A grasshopper rotting away inside the fan.

A taste of sin.

Creme brulee

Went to genting with cousin and friend the day after christmas. Admire the view above though it was a little scary. It was my first time up in a cable car. The thing was swinging and bouncing, scary....
We rode on the 1st roller coaster in Malaysia! The cyclone.
Me, Yvonne
When the roller coaster was going up
So you're not gonna scream
As roller coaster goes down.
As roller coaster goes up again
Still not gonna scream
Its not coins nor is it bits of cement. Its gum I tell you. Chewing gum!!! Malaysians.
Oohhh, the go-kart.
Yvonne got stuck somewhere and we had to stop by to help her get back out.
The helmets were friggin smelly. Thank God for shower caps.
I'll probably have to burn my hair for the smell to be gone.

The super fast mining train/roller coaster ride.
It was friggin fast I tell you.
Some girl cried when the ride was over.

Ripley's believe it or not museum.
The man who wouldn't die in the incinerator.

The man who was caged in a bird cage for treason.

Pin Hui has yet to send me the pictures. :)
Genting was super super awesome.
Will definately going back there.
Didn't manage to ride the corkscrew and the ASTRO (not solero) shot.
Took the bus back to 1u and waited for dad to take us home.

Went to look at the new pet store in 1u.
I swear the people who run the store will be the first to kill the animals living there.
A man wanted to enquire bout the sugar-glider and the store girl said its a squirrel.
Which does not resemble a squirrel at all.
She lifted it up and kept poking at it.
It was friggin shivering and tried to hide after she threw it inside its cage.
Animal abuse!!

Super big cigarette I bought from Genting.
It has taiwanese chocolates inside.

What to do when there is absolutely nothing to do at home.
#1 repeat this word for 3 hours.
#2 indulge in your princess fantasies. :)
#3 go crazy with sales.
#4 ditch your aunt and run off with your cousin to shop.
#5 act like you wanna buy expensive perfumes and have them spray it all over you.
#6 walk around looking like someone who is loaded.
#7 place bets with your aunt when its going to rain then run to check the weather report.
#8 tells your friends about your crazy ideas on having a masquerade ball. xD

Yes, I'm a girl after all.

Tortoise charm I made for my aunt who has gone back to penang this morning.
Super uber comfortable clark shoes that costs a bomb.
I love it.
Feels like walking on a sofa.
goodbye stupid bunions!!!

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