Friday, December 12, 2008

Surprise surprise, its a wonder I'm not

Shall list my daily updates again. =]
1. Still praying hard I will be back in time for Yinky's splashin sixteen.
2. Still praying hard I might be able to go to the beach in Penang.
3. Hoping for a coincidental bump with music peeps in penang, which is highly unlikely.
4. Still thinks that people driving me around is better than driving.
5. Thinks Taboo is a very jumpy kind of game. The part where it makes you stumble over these few words. "you know, you know, you know" I know you're laughing Khei Qi and Wen Qi.
6. Am ever in debt to KY whom I have been boring lately due to my busy schedules and lame talks.
7. Surprised, or did not surprise Low Mei with a cake.
8. Never ever stand out in the wind holding a cake with FIFTEEN SMALL candles. Wen Qi and Tze Wei, they have big candles for a reason. Humour me.
9. Never stand in the middle of a condo looking up at a balcony holding a cake. People might stare.
10. Low Mei's cake became undigestable because of that pink layer of candle wax.
11. Low Mei Yen does not find people stripping in the middle of a condo area interesting.
12. I am still in love with my blog layout. =)
13. I am still in love with my miniature clay thingis. Picture above.
14. I have to help Hong Ling spread to the world that she is taking off her braces in two weeks.
15. I am STILL in love with Gong, right?? hahaa
16. Camera phone flash can be stupid at times.

there.. sixteen updates in coordination with my sixteenth year.
ohh.BTW, Happy Birthday Low Mei yen.. teehee

I still wonder about those impetuos decisions i have made in my past that led to indiscernible results.

Does the difference matter so much now??
Despite all my best efforts in putting the damn past behind me, it comes even more often.
Taking away a piece of me each time.
When will it go away.
Even though you do not realise how much this hurts me.
Please set me free.

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