Monday, June 15, 2009

What if nothing ever works out?

Today has to be the darkest and the brightest day of my life. Seriously.
How often does two things happen to clash into each other at once??
Wait shall I rephrase?
I don't really know how to explain this phenomenon, but I'll leave it up to you.
Will simply not talk about results because I really did get this super big smack in the face.
Numbers can be lethal, especially to your future.
But that is only if you're where I'm standing. :)

People stop playing around, now we've got that big smack we wanted.
It's about time we go back into reality.

Puan Tang was lecturing me on results today.
Sighs.. Mum and Dad are gonna strangle me alive. Period.

July july so much to do.
Hari Koko, Cheer 09, Malam Bakat ..... etc etc

We're only one step away from our future.

I wanna share something on the essay I've written.
This somehow made me ponder for a little bit there.
But this means a lot to me.

Life has provided us with many choices, and it is with these choices that paved our life and the way we live it.
Choices are what we face each day from deciding where we want to go or what we want to do.
By making these choices, we are choosing the path of how we want our lives to be.
Sometimes these decisions are made based on how we really feel, and then some others are made based on what people would want us to do.
But it all depends on us, because we hold the chance of making a decision that in some way or another, will change our lives.
I, too as a person have decisions to make too, but I have come to realise that some decisions may not only affect myslef but other people too.
So choose where do you want to go from here.

I pray that we pass. I admit that we sound pretty awesome.

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