Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I want nobody but you

and I am very very tired.
Finally I got to have a really good bath and rest.

I guess camp wasn't all that bad I thought it was going to be.
Was a little moody in the beginning because I was separated from my friends and was placed in a group full of little people and one stranger.
Pengetua apparently had brought in five of his former school pupils.
Okay, so where should I start first, because there's so much I wanna say all at once.

Firstly, I had to bear with the group that I was in because nobody would let me change.
And I had to bear a little bit with the people whom I wasn't familiar with.
It was a little hard for me then, but I guess I got over it.

Had fun playing with the outdoor games they set up for us.
But the bet was the water games.
Got splashed in both girl's and guy's toilet.
It was wet and well... dirty. Hahaa. But I had fun. :)

Moving on... if your eyes are not tired yet...

Took a bath in the school was I guess the most hardest thing to do.
And I will not elaborate on that.

Had dinner and sat down to listen on how to make lanterns out of recycled items.
The man they had invited for the talk was very creative.
He could make anything out of literally anything.

But before the talk started, there was a big fuss on some problem in school.
I will not talk about it because it scares me.
But I think I will survive.
Night activities were canceled later on because of it.
Sang some songs with tealight candles glowing infront of us.
Then we all went to bed.
Or at least all of them went to bed.

I happened to be the only one not sleeping besides the ajks.
I had a lot to think that night, and yes I was given the whole night to think about it.
but then thats another story to tell.
The snores heard from girls and the sound of the blasting air-con was enough to keep me awake.
And an addition of two girls squeeshing me right in the middle.

Nyways. Woke up and did some morning activities and played games again.

Will refrain from complaining about the crazy, somewhat lala group leader I have.
Fine I am mean, but I certainly do hope he doesn't see this.
He was playing around with his girlfriend that had attended the camp and they were certainly catching everybody's attention.
People were giggling and taking sneak pictures of them together.
Finally Puan Loh walked over to them and started talking to them.
It was really really funny because they were doing things people should'nt be doing in public.
They aren't from our school by the way, but no names mentioned. :)

After that I missed half of the closing ceremony and went straight to tuition.
I am dead tired now and every muscle and sinew in my body are aching like hell.
Except my fingers of course... You don't really use them in playing outdoor games do you??

Okay I will stop the long story telling here.
I guess I can say that I have learned stuff from this camp.
And it was fun.

A big thanks to everyone who had contributed in making the camp a success!!
Woot Woot. Big round of applause.


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