Friday, June 26, 2009

Love in moderation

Michael Jackson died.
Okay fine, he moved on...
I hope that sounds better.

Every radio station is playing Michael Jackson's songs today and I've heard the song black and white three times in a row today.
On the way home from school in the car,
On the way to art class in the car,
On the way home from add maths tuition in the car...
Wonder if he's trying to tell me something???

So there's a mini edu fair today, and it was my first time attending an edu fair.
Walked round like a lost person cuz I have no idea on what should I be enquiring about.
Anyway, Jye Ying had a heart to accompany me while we walked aimlessly pretending we knew what we want. And of course there are the goodies, altho they aren't good to the extend but good enough.

Got locked outside physics lab for awhile cuz I went late to class.
It was the photoshoot for heaven's sake.
But we got in eventually.

Went round the fair with Juat then with Ming again.
Seriously, I really REALLY want to go to Raffles.
Or maybe it was all the persuasion that talked me into it.

I heard someone was flirting with the Mat Salleh at the Segi College booth.
Hahaa. I don't think you would wanna know who is that.

Oh damn.. I'm in love.
I wouldn't want to know how much that costs too.

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