Thursday, June 11, 2009

The rose labyrinth

Rachel Tan has arranged a string quartet piece on her own.
A big round of applause.
The rest remains a secret.

I hope everything will work out for auditions.

Holidays are going to be over soon.
Its a thursday already.
Went over to Tropicana City Mall, and I think it's not bad.
It looks more like curve and ikano though.
Not fully opened yet but there's a new gsc there. :)
Suddenly I miss watching barbie. Hahaa.
Me and my random childhood fantasies.

it was pride that had restricted me.
it was shame that had shadowed me.
it was words that had left me.
and it was feelings that had disobeyed me.

i ran out of words to say...

i'm not so sad anymore.
i've learned, and i've been better that i used to be.

i thought i saw your face out the window,
and i thought the illusions were finally going away.
what was i thinking?

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